Brahmasthan Vastu Essentials

Named after Lord Brahma, known as the creator of the world, Brahmastan is the central point of energy of a property and determines the directions of Vastu.

Considered the most holy and powerful location of a home, it symbolises Lord Brahma’s position and is the central energy point where energy from all directions converge. Crucially it distributes positive energy within the property and those who inhabit it.

Having been born at Pushkar Lake, the most sacred of all lakes in Rajasthan due to the legend of its creation being where a lotus fell from Lord Brahma’s hands, Ganishi possesses a divine and unmatched connection to Lord Brahma and his supreme divinity alongside Vishnu and Shiva.

Within the table, the Brahmasthan Vastu zone is the central point of the Five Elements (also known as Panchmahabhuta).